Arminian and Baptist

Explorations in a Theological Tradition

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Dr. Pinson gives the reader a compelling account of an Arminianism that is at once Reformed, classical, and evangelical. He presents this tradition by examining the heritage that lies in the English General Baptists of the seventeenth century. John Smyth and Thomas Helwys are two pieces of the historical essays shared in this work. The author also includes essays on Thomas Grantham and John Wesley. All this comes together to show the rich heritage of Reformed theology while maintaining the foundation of a biblically grounded Arminianism.

J. Matthew Pinson is president of Welch College in Nashville, Tennessee. He holds a master’s degree from Yale and a doctorate from Vanderbilt and has authored or edited several books, including Four Views on Eternal Security and A Free Will Baptist Handbook. He lives in the Nashville area with his wife, Melinda, and their children, Anna and Matthew.