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Generational Legacy Journal



About You, About Me: Generational Legacy Journal will guide you in telling your story while describing your kids or grandkids in ways that capture their hearts and leave an inspiring legacy. The left side pages tell your story and the right side tells theirs from the trivial to the powerful. Your child or grandchild will know each insight came from your experiences and observations about their life. The five sections of the journal move from curiosities to the milestones, drawing them in to learn from your memories, insights, and encouragement. All the while, they intentionally bump into Scripture and your faith values in non-threatening ways.

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Ron Hunter Jr., Ph.D.
Since 2002, Dr. Hunter has served as executive director and CEO of Randall House Publishing in Nashville, TN. He earned his BA in Bible and Pastoral Ministry from Welch College, Masters in Public Administration from the University of Colorado, and his Ph.D. in leadership from the Cook School of Leadership at Dallas Baptist University. Ron served as an infantry officer in the U.S. Army. He has written over 70 articles for various magazines and authored or co-authored four books, Toy Box Leadership: Leadership Lessons From the Toys You Loved as a Child, Youth Ministry in the 21st Century: Five Views, The DNA of D6: Building Blocks of Generational Discipleship, and Recalibrate: A New Measure for Family Ministry. He is the co-founder and director of the D6 Conference and co-hosts the weekly D6 Family Podcast. The three titles Ron is most proud of are husband, father, and grandaddy. He married his college sweetheart, Pam. They have two married children and one grandchild.